• so i finally put some stuff up on INPRNT! (And it’s free shipping till Sunday!!)
    I mostly put pieces that people have asked me to make available for print in the past… . . here you go, finally !!!! CHECK EM OUT HERE ~~~
    Thank you for taking a look!!

    i’ll upload anything else, so if there’s anything you might be interested in, please let me know !

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  • Is Elbow wearing one of those cute little Johnny Rocket's hats?


    yeah! or any ambiguous 50’s diner cap. Marzipan’s restaurant (for which Elbow is a waiter) isn’t fully a diner …… but employees do wear cute hats.

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  • strangelykatie commissioned me to draw some cute mahou shounen!! Kenta & Gomi are from her and starlock's new comic and they're perf

    (ps!!**happy early birthday starlock!!!**)

  • i’ve had this story in my head forever (circa 2007) and i did some reevaluating of the narrative + new characters designs recently (with the help of mickey)

    it’s a love story that stretches across the universe, central themes being food, [fake] space science, and friendship!

    (for a sense of scale between heroes and the villain: the main cast initially works on a space-station-restaurant, which can be seen being worn around Marizpan’s hair)

  • Has the Saint seiya in your heart died or did you just get better things to do than draw seintos (which I think is really cool. You have a life to live outside of fictional characters, and your original art is really great btw)


    NEVER!!!! obviously there is absolutely nothin better to do than draw saints! (but yes, i dont always have the time, even if i think of them often)

    happy bronze summer 2k14!

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  • family tree from last spring

  • May i ask what brushes your typically use? I've been looking all over for brushes like that!


    oh yeah, totes! i use default photoshop brushes - usually the Oil Pastel Large (default size 63) with brush dynamics and x/y axis toggling on. that one is basically my everything and one true beloved


    I also use a few texture brushes friends have given me, and sometimes I play with kyle webster’s brush packs!

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  • chuckles lookin fine in france

  • this commission was done awhile ago for the awesome Shavostars (who i wish i could go see at AX ;0; ) of her character Corey. it’s the second time i’ve gotten to draw her, which is always lovely !

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  • goknights:

    this is like one of my favorite finals ever - Nicole, Xanthe, Matt and I made this CARD GAME!!!

    it’s called SENIOR PRANK and the premise of the game is that you choose a character and try to get back the stuff that belongs in their locker - while also trying to steal everybody else’s valuables!

    we had SO much fun making this and I think it turned out really great.

    omg i never reblogged this… our game was SO MUCH FUN (both to make and to play!) what a blast to work with three of my favorite people! thank you for documenting it so nicely mickey, you are a queen

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