• Has the Saint seiya in your heart died or did you just get better things to do than draw seintos (which I think is really cool. You have a life to live outside of fictional characters, and your original art is really great btw)


    NEVER!!!! obviously there is absolutely nothin better to do than draw saints! (but yes, i dont always have the time, even if i think of them often)

    happy bronze summer 2k14!

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  • family tree from last spring

  • May i ask what brushes your typically use? I've been looking all over for brushes like that!


    oh yeah, totes! i use default photoshop brushes - usually the Oil Pastel Large (default size 63) with brush dynamics and x/y axis toggling on. that one is basically my everything and one true beloved


    I also use a few texture brushes friends have given me, and sometimes I play with kyle webster’s brush packs!

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  • chuckles lookin fine in france

  • this commission was done awhile ago for the awesome Shavostars (who i wish i could go see at AX ;0; ) of her character Corey. it’s the second time i’ve gotten to draw her, which is always lovely !

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  • goknights:

    this is like one of my favorite finals ever - Nicole, Xanthe, Matt and I made this CARD GAME!!!

    it’s called SENIOR PRANK and the premise of the game is that you choose a character and try to get back the stuff that belongs in their locker - while also trying to steal everybody else’s valuables!

    we had SO much fun making this and I think it turned out really great.

    omg i never reblogged this… our game was SO MUCH FUN (both to make and to play!) what a blast to work with three of my favorite people! thank you for documenting it so nicely mickey, you are a queen

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  • Xanthe, I love your map of ventura! I have some family that lives there so, i am looking forward to checking out all those places when i go to visit. It would be really cool if you made maps of more places. P.S Are there any places you would recommend to visit in Ojai?


    ohhhh yes! it would be fun to make a map of ojai. okay!! rubs hands together, let’s see…
    go swimming at Matilija Dam! If you wanna hike, look into trailheads around that area. the hotsprings are closed now, but there are plenty of creeks and secret swimming pools that you can get to if you don’t mind exploring a little (or trespassing a little). I think the Sespe Hotsprings are still reachable, too. there’s also Lake Casitas - you can’t swim there, but it’s fun to walk around and if you jump off the main camp path at certain points you’ll eventually find some lovely secret pools.
    to eat, get lunch at Farmer and the Cook! (my brother is a cook there!) pizza at Ojai Pizza, burritos at Los Caporales, breakfast at Bonnie Lu’s or Cafe Emporium.
    there’s a sweet used outdoor bookstore that comes with free cats to pet called Bart’s Book and i highly recommend it! the farmer’s market on the weekend is fun too. Ojai Beverage Co. is good if u like beer… hmmm

    i’d say there’s not as many fun establishments as there are bike trails and hiking paths. it’s rly fun to explore in Ojai, you can find some cool stuff in the mountains if you like that sorta thing!!

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  • a map about the best places to go in Ventura! i did this at school for They Draw & Travel when i was feeling homesick.
    Ventura can be a drag if you’ve lived there all your life, but imo the natural parts really make up for that. we got some sweet beaches and mountains!

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  • catalistuniverse:

art by Xanthe Bouma

!!! check out this Blackhearts piece that Daniel St. George had me do for Catalist! they are my absolute favorites (wonder why) and i had so much fun drawing the gang.



    art by Xanthe Bouma

    !!! check out this Blackhearts piece that Daniel St. George had me do for Catalist! they are my absolute favorites (wonder why) and i had so much fun drawing the gang.

    (Source: catalistuniverse.com, via catalistuniverse)

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  • hi everyone!!! it’s been awhile … i’ve weirdly not updated all semester, so i’m just going to unleash a bunch of things on my queue over the next few days.
    i’m heading to Amsterdam and Paris with my sister starting tomorrow! (if you know cool stuff around paris you should give me recs because i have no idea what to do there except for scream about gossip girl s4)
    when i get back in June, I’ll be sure to reply to all the sweet messages and questions some lovely people have left me!!

    also, y’all should hit me up on instagram@xoxobouma, and twitter@boumbles (which i need to use more!)

    hope you’re all taking care and enjoying your spring! ☆~(ゝ。∂)